Dacor Advertising and Media is made up of a team of experienced professionals from various specialties where one consults each other with one goal in mind: a perfect result. Each project requires the best advertising and designing techniques, and of course, a thorough marketing plan to impress and reach the people it is targeting.


What is Marketing? Marketing identifies needs and desires, and it defines the market strategy to reach targets and goals. Its role is to research and design the appropriate products and services so to achieve sale goals and increase of profits.  A good combination of Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations is what we offer!



Advertising is always present, even though people may not be aware of it. Everywhere we look, advertising messages are conveyed via TV, newspapers, magazines, radio, internet, billboards, direct selling, contests, events, clothes, sounds,etc. Influence your buyers with the right messages, slogans, and designs. We design a wide option of advertising materials, adjusted to any media channel and target that you desire to reach. 


The traditional role of design has been to improve the visual appearance and function of messages and information. Whatever we do relies on designing. Unique designs make companies distinguish from others (branding) and therefore succeed in promoting their products and services. We produce designs that express your company's character and define your relationships with consumers. 


What can we do for you?

If your business needs a renewal, if you want to aim your target audience and catch up with the fast changing business environment, we are here for you.

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